Sunday, 30 October 2011

This is is your Senior Cabin Service Officer speaking

Good evening everyone, and welcome aboard The Stewardist. It's my pleasure to be serving you today and in the future.

I was a peculiar child. Ocean liners were an early obsession, followed by zeppelins, but I pretty much forgot about everything else when I flew from Edmonton, Alberta to London Gatwick about a Wardair Canada Boeing 747. I had never flown before, AND I was traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor, so the excitement for a shy, solitary kid from the prairies was pretty intense. I sent six weeks in England and about six months talking about the two flights I'd taken. Susi, the First Stewardess on my return flight, let me hand out breakfast trays on the upper deck and from that moment on I was pretty much smitten with everything to do with airliners, airlines and inflight service. I never seriously wanted to be a pilot, just a flight attendant.

That was 34 years ago. Today, I am at last airline-employed and quite possibly on the verge of joining my airline's Inflight division. This blog will be about my adventures as a flight attendant (if in fact I get to have any) but I'll also try to share with you my fascination with anything to do with the back end of the airplane, especially in the sexy and sophisticated era when you could fly to Hawaii on 747 with a lounge in Economy class, a new stewardess uniform might come with 58 pieces from which stewardesses could choose, and there was lots of walnut-patterned laminate everywhere.

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